About Us Fun Folk

Greg & Danielle (aka Cash’s parents) moved to ​NC over 6​ years ago and if you ask them what brought them ​HERE​, they would say Asheville. ​We love hiking, kayaking, live music, particularly a growing affinity for bluegrass, and trying all of the great beer, food and crafts that the Asheville community produces (and some cool Asheville T Shirts). Mos​t of all we love​ Asheville ​because its about spending time on what is valuable – not what society deems important. We concentrate on the community, spend our time outside whenever possible and do not take this area’s beauty for granted…

Why T-Shirts and Asheville Gear?

Greg has a graphic arts background and spent most of his career as an executive in the apparel manufacturing industry​.​ It​ drives him nuts when ​companies​ don’t have good quality apparel, “Just because you are on vacation or looking for a local shirt doesn’t mean your only choice is to wear fabric that feels like crap” (add some sugar to his sweet tea!) Danielle was a GM in HR and loves connecting people​.​ ​She​ says, “the best part about Asheville is that no one cares what you do for work, they care about what you do for fun and the type of community involvement you have.” So why not be in the business for ourselves.

What's the deal with the giant dog?

Cash (as in Johnny not $$$) is a Leonberger. He has webbed feet and can swim like a fish; he climbs mountains, hikes, camps (it’s a tight fit in a 2 man tent) and can be seen around town most anywhere he is allowed. Most important he is the kindest animal on the planet with the most gentle soul. FAQ’s and fun facts about Cash: he is from Andes, NY and was born in September 2012. He is going to be certified to be a service animal so that he can go into hospitals and nursing and group homes. He ​does not drool but will stick his entire head into the water bowl – if that makes sense.  He has no idea he weighs over 140lbs…


Danielle, Greg and Cash