Brother Wolf Animal Rescue Charity T-Shirt and Hoodie

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue Charity T-Shirt and Hoodie are now available in store!  Over the summer we had a great charity t-shirt, designed by Randall Chet of SouthPaw Designs that had the city of Asheville in the background with AVL in the foreground in a red, white and blue design. Proceeds from this shirt went to Homeward Bound Veterans’ Support Services.

Our latest tee shirt for charity took some brainstorming and we worked with a few artists who helped come up several different t-shirt designs throughout the selection process. What we finally agreed on with the incredible folks at Brother Wolf Animal Rescue was inspired by a painting by Travis Clement of Sprouted Scribbles. Travis has a painting that inspired us to ask him to use his style in a different way. So with this design, you have Asheville and many of the neighborhoods that make it up, Montford, Kenilworth, Oakley, Biltmore, etc… so we thought why not see if we can do something similar with BWAR.

We looked at Brother Wolf’s mission statement, Uncompromised Compassion and knew that had to be where to start. If you have ever met an employee or one of the many incredible volunteers of BWAR, you know without a doubt this is the thread that is weaved between all of them, the tie that binds. What you may not know about BWAR is that they have been working diligently on two major projects, aside from the incredible work they have taken on in rescuing animals from various shelters in South Carolina from the flooding that occurred this fall; No Kill Asheville and their Sanctuary.

No Kill Asheville is a grass roots movement of sorts in that it works with people where they are, if you can’t afford to pay for pet food because of a job loss for instance, rather than giving up your animal to the shelter, they help to provide food while you are working to stabilize again. They work with neighborhoods and neighbors to identify people who might be hoarding animals, to get them educated… so rather than just solving the problem of animals who need homes and shelter, they are looking to educate and solve the bigger problems that they see as some of the root causes and are trying to rectify and reduce.

We have a limited number of sweatshirts and zip hoodies for $49.99 where $20 of each item will be donated to Brother Wolf and $10 of each t-shirt will be donated. 12294880_699834193486875_3654096738716809651_n 12278794_699834006820227_277516923360028337_n 11227908_697348467068781_1040937990253414134_n 12304295_698588163611478_258466459483674666_o


The shirts are available in our retail location in Biltmore Village, however if you are out of the area and would like us to ship you one, please message us or give us a ring.

We also worked with Chestnut Forge and Furniture to design these ornaments, which the Historic Biltmore Village Partnership has purchased so that 100% of the proceeds of the ornaments purchased go to Brother Wolf Animal Rescue. These handmade ornaments can be purchased for $12.99 from MTN Merch, Monkees, Turner and Scott and Boheme, all located in Biltmore Village

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