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Local Asheville insight from Natives and Locals

While we do sell local goods and apparel here at Mtn Merch, we also moonlight as local tourist guides to the many guests that visit our shop. Since we have so many great activities and attractions in Asheville we can’t possibly share them all, but we figured we would put some of our favorites out there for you all to discover or maybe even rediscover.

Favorite Local Hike


Bearwallow Mountain Trail

How to get there- technically this is in our neighboring Henderson county, however, it gives you an amazing view of Buncombe county (which is where Asheville is located for those that are not familiar, we don’t hold it against you) and allows you to really feel and see how beautiful our Blue Ridge Mountains really are! Follow this link for directions and a little bit of historical information.

Lookout Mountain

How to get there- located in Black Mountain, Lookout is a favorite to many locals and can be a somewhat undiscovered gem to our visitors. What is great about this hike is that you also get to discover the cute town of Black Mountain and beautiful area of Montreat. Directions are fairly simple but again, here is a link to make it easier and to provide additional information.

John Rock

How to get there- this hike is located near the Davidson River and the Fish Hatchery just south of Asheville. The total hike is 5 miles but you can make it what you will as there are various off-shoots from the trail that you can take. Located also near Looking Glass Falls and Sliding Rock you could easily spend the entire day in this area. Here is a link for the directions and a smidge more information.

Favorite weekend Asheville Activity


Floating down the river

How to do this- depending on where you are traveling from and what equipment you might have this could vary. For the majority of us who do not carry personal watercrafts on vacation with us, there are a variety of places that will help you discover tubing excursions down the river. Check out Zen Tubing or The Asheville Outdoor Center. Also, consider floating your way down to the Salvage Station and pull your float up for a beer and if you time it right some live music!


Listening to live music

How to do this- Asheville has a lot of artists and musicians. They can be found on the street, in a restaurant, in a park, or at a music venue. There is literally music everywhere! But if you want to find out what is going on while you’re here and in the area you may or may not be headed to, download the DigLocal app or visit there site (here!) for all of your local info about what is happening and where!


If you don’t know how to do this…we will still help. Asheville has approximately 26 (give or take) breweries (and this does not count those in our outlying areas!). What are you looking for? Here is our breakdown: Actually, while we were writing this we realized there was so much to say that we are going to dedicate an entire blog just to the subject, so check back with us shortly!

Our favorite aspect of Asheville is:

The local community. Everyone is very locally oriented and supportive of local businesses. They want their neighbor to succeed and do whatever they can to help make that happen. We are so thankful to live in such a supportive area and to be surrounded by such creativity!
The views. How many places can say that they have a beautiful Walmart? Asheville can. There is simply not a bad view in this town! The mountains. It’s where we live!! The smell of the mountain air. The cool breeze. We are surrounded by beauty on a daily basis!
The happy people! Everyone (for the most part) is happy and helpful here. Is it because we are in the South or because we are in Asheville?! There are a lot of transplants here so it seems that it is an Asheville thing. We all want to live here and we are all proud to live here. That makes a huge difference in the hospitality that you will find here.



Want more local information?

We have a lot of it here! Come see us…the gang at Mtn Merch love to chat!!

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