Community, Connectedness and Giving Back

One of the greatest things about Asheville is its sense of community. It doesn’t matter what you do for work around here; instead, it matters how you choose to have fun, get involved, and invest your time for other people. Asheville sparks something in its community: a light of appreciation and giving. Greg and I have always been involved in charities and volunteering and it’s certainly true that you attract those that are like-minded. Here in Asheville, it is much more prevalent that the majority of people are involved in something beyond their own needs, wants and individual lives. This overwhelming sense of community is what sets Asheville apart from the rest.

Because community is a huge priority to us, we want to offer something that incorporates both charity and the opportunity to connect with local artists (the talent in this town is abundant). Therefore, we will be taking submissions from local artists that create a design inspired by the charity of the selected time period (which may shift based on sales, timing, etc…). With that being said, the first shirt has been designed by South Paw Graphics, Randall Chet to remind you of both this great country we live in and also the men and women who have worked to protect our freedoms and the mountains of Asheville. This shirt has been produced in limited quantities on a made in the USA shirt; $8.00 per shirt will be donated to Homeward Bound for Veterans Assistance, which works to find homes for homeless Veteran’s here in Buncombe County.

Danielle’s grandfather was a Veteran and has a cousin on his 5th tour, so we hold this cause close to our hearts. We both also have a number of friends who are serving or have served and seen the difficult transition to civilian life that can happen for so many of these courageous people. It is a terrible reality that these men and women can return from a long, tough road to no home, family, or a number of other challenges. Even if we can make a small change, spread awareness, or inspire others, we will have done something! When you work to improve the lives of others, your life improves automatically. Join us in our journey of giving back to the community that gives so much to us.

Future charities include the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program of WNC, which we are actively involved in, and more to come…

For information or to volunteer for Homeward Bound visit

For information on submitting a design or charity for consideration:

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