Local Maker Spotlight – Cathey Chet

For our next “Local Maker Spotlight” we would like to introduce you to…

Cathey Chet of Muddy Llama Pottery

  • How long have you lived in WNC?

My family and I moved here from California nearly 20 years ago. We loved California, but wanted to be closer to our families in the east. We had always heard about Asheville being the “Berkeley in the East” and quickly fell in love with it and the surrounding WNC area, deciding to make this our permanent home.

  • What made you start your business?

I’ve been an Elementary School teacher most of my life, but always needed a creative outlet. Over the years I have taken evening classes in pottery and sculpture when time would allow me while raising my kids. As my kids got older and more independent, I began to take it a little more seriously and bought a wheel and kiln of my own. It wasn’t long before my three children approached college age, and I found myself looking for ways to bring in extra income to cover costs. Pottery seemed to be the logical choice, as has proven to be a good decision!

Since then my husband, Randy, has also started to get involved. He tests and mixes the glazes and does more of the creative hand built pieces, including the ” Tree of Life” designs and the Salamander and Frog mugs that we offer.

  • What is something about your business that most people don’t know?

The most common questions I get about my business is about the ​name, “Muddy Llama”, and about my llamas themselves. ​

We have two llamas, Eclipse and Moonshadow. As a kid, I always wanted to live on a farm, but as an adult realized how much work a real farm is. I decided to make it simple, get creatures that were somehow different, and very easy to care for. Llamas were my answer. They really don’t serve any purpose other than fertilizing my garden and making me smile when they come running up to me when I go out to see them. Occasional walks off the property are also fun. Yes, they do spit, but only at each other, never at me, thankfully.

  • When you are not working, what are your favorite things to do in WNC?

Other than being in my studio, I love to be outdoors. I try to run or hike everyday, usually with my dog, Sonoma. When the kids are home we try to find new trails to explore in WNC.  Spending time with family and friends, music festivals and camping are some of my other favorite ways to relax and take a break. Thankfully WNC has much to offer in these areas!


Come on down to the shop to see all of Cathey’s pieces! We have a variety of her glaze colors and offer some unique bakeware, mugs, and more. All of Cathey’s pottery can go in the dishwasher and microwave, making it easier on you to use and enjoy her work.

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